Re-imagine your deposit

Picadon allows you and your landlord to invest your rental deposits sustainably

Why Picadon?


Your deposit works for you

Have you ever wondered what happens with your rental deposits while you are still in rent? With Picadon, your deposit will be at reach at all times.


Stable, low-risk return

We protect the value of your deposit by investing it in innovative, low-risk sustainable investment products, that will pay you a yearly dividend.


A do-good investment

Picadon is designed to be your entry point into sustainable investing, the next generation investment form. Starting in renewable energy (solar farms), a stable and growing asset, providing proven and simple-to-understand impact as well as return.


Our planet needs you

By investing sustainably, you take a responsible action in the fight against climate change. We will provide you with a clear and easy-to-understand view into the sustainable impact.

A trusted investment partner


We offer a free and transparent service for tenants. You will at all times have access to easy-to-understand reports about your investment, return and impact.

Risk optimised

We want to make investing rewarding and convenient. We know that there is always a risk when investing, but our years of experience in risk management, investments and sustainability will optimse that risk for you.



We always keep in mind we are investing rental deposit, and therefore ensure liquidity in case you and your landlord need it. We work with reputable banks and landlords, who care for your money just as much as we do. 

How it works?


Engage with your landlord

We are partnering with front running, well-established landlords. If you have not been invited, please sign up and we will make your landlord aware of your wish to invest your deposit.


Moving In

Once you move in, your investment will start and you will accumulate both yearly dividends as well as start making a sustainable impact.


While in rental

We track your investments and provide you and your landlord with unique insights about the value and sustainable impact of your investment.


Moving out

Once you move out, we will make sure your deposit will be made available for you together with any financial return. We can also secure your next rental.


Our goal is to make sure that you get the most out of your deposit and feel good about what you can do for the people and planet. We only take fees that are neccesary to start an investment.


Per year

Advice, dissemination of your orders, ongoing monitoring of your investment and for picadon’s platform.

0,15 - 1,05%

Per year

Asset manager’s administration and investment expertise. The cost depends on your investment.

0,1 - 0,4%

Per year

You pay Saxo Bank to trade and store your investments. In addition, there are also costs when trading on a stock exchange.


It can be, and there are a lot of factors to consider when talking about “risk”- it can be market conditions, company performance and industry trends, foreign exchange rates and many other considerations. At Picadon, we have years of experience with managing risks at some of Scandinavia’s largest financial institutions, including banks, brokers and pension funds. We bring this knowledge to your benefit. We secure your investment matches your risk appetite and we manage our risk exposure carefully. Further, medium-long investment horizon (depending on the rental period) would typically allow for better risk control. You are in good hands, and we always keep in mind that this is your rental deposit, we want you to have it, and more, when you need it.

Your deposit will be handled by a known and distinguished bank partner (a bank everyone knows). You will transfer your deposit into an account at this bank and we do the rest based on your chosen investment causes and risk profile.

No, you can’t. Picadon is dedicated to sustainability. As we are investing deposit money, we would like to limit the market exposure and make your life simple, as well as secure the landlord. If you would like to continue investing un-used deposits, we will be able to support that in the future.

No, you don’t. If you would like to keep the investment, you will need to secure additional funding of your deposit account. Picadon is contractually committed to the landlord and secures the deposit is at their disposal on the move out date.

We will provide competitive and simple pricing, that is transparent and easy to understand.

For owners, Picadon is entirely free.

Planet earth is our deposit

We are a diverse team of techies, nerds and sustainability enthusiasts firmly believing rental deposits can play a significant role in fighting climate change through investments, that also serves the less served, tenants. We have extensive knowledge of the financial industry and capital markets, well-backed by strong banking and investment partners. 

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