Unlocking deposits

Unlock true value from your rental deposits by investing it sustainably on behalf, or together with your tenants

Why Picadon?


From vacancy to loyalty

Attract and retain the best tenants by demonstrating commitment to their financial well-being as well as a sustainable mindset backed by action.  


A low-risk revenue stream

Avoid negative interest and improve your balance sheet. Expect a 5-6% annual dividend, to be shared with your tenants, that you can present as an asset, not a liability. 


Higher marketing & branding ROI

Differentiate from competitors through commitment to tenant experience and sustainability, without an increase in marketing and savings. 


Achieve your sustainability goals

Add a do-good bottom line by showing true commitment to sustainability goals and responsible business by investing in renewable energy production reducing CO2 emissions.  

How it works?

Register & set investment terms

Define properties, investment amount and terms per property for current and future tenants (minimum €250 per tenant)


Engage current & future tenants

We support the entire process from tenant contact to collecting the deposits (optional).


We invest the deposit sustainably

Your deposits will be invested into solar panels located in Europe and Scandinavia (coming soon) managed by a reputable investment partner.


Yearly dividends until the tenant moves out

Throughout the tenancy, we will accumulate cash dividends for you and your participating tenants. Upon lease expiration, you can claim all or parts of the deposits.

A trusted partner

Remain in control

You define the investment and pay-out terms as well as tenant eligibility. With Picadon you are not dependent on an insurance or guarantee schemes 

Cash on demand

We treat the deposits just as you would, and secure it at all times, ensuring liquidity as well as professional sustainable investment with reputable partners

An experienced team

We combine decades of experience in risk management, investment and sustainability to minimize risk and protect you from losses, while ensuring an innovative portfolio. 


Our goal is to make sure that you get the most out of your deposit and feel good about what you can do for the people and planet. We only take fees that are neccesary to start an investment.


Per year

Advice, dissemination of your orders, ongoing monitoring of your investment and for picadon’s platform.

0,15 - 1,05%

Per year

Asset manager’s administration and investment expertise. The cost depends on your investment.

0,1 - 0,4%

Per year

You pay Saxo Bank to trade and store your investments. In addition, there are also costs when trading on a stock exchange.

Planet earth is our deposit

We are a diverse team of techies, nerds and sustainability enthusiasts who believe rental deposits can play a significant role in fighting climate change through investments, that also serves the less served, tenants. We have extensive knowledge of the financial industry and capital markets, well-backed by strong banking and investment partners. 

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